It's Chick Days!

Norco, CA

Chicks have arrived at Tony's Hay & Grain!


3/01/24: Olive Egger, Blue Jersey Giant, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Lavendar Wyandotte

3/08/24: Light Brahma, Salmon Faverolle, Russian Orloff, Cream Legbar, Black Jersey Giant

3/15/24: Blue/Red Laced Wyandotte, Dark Brahma, Sicilian Buttercup, Welbar, Blue Plymouth Tint

3/22/24: Silver Laced Wyandotte, Lavendar Orpington, Mottled Java, Blue Cuckoo Maran, Russian Orloff

3/29/24: Blue Breasted Brown Leghorn, Buff Brahma, Crele Penedesenca, Blue Jersey Giant, Salmon Faverolle

4/05/24: Blue Copper Maran, Cream Legbar, Sicillian Buttercup, White Rock, Easter Egger

04/12/24: Buckeye Pullet, Lavender Orpington, Barnevelder, Blue Cuckoo Maran

4/19/24: Easter Egger, Mottled Java, Lavendar Wyandotte, Blue Laces Barnvelder

Need more information on our chicks? Please, call the store for more details!