Manchester Feeds 1/4" 50/50 Alfalfa-Timothy Hay Pellets

Manchester Feeds

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1/4" Pellets Manchester Feeds is a medication/drug free facility that does not blend antibiotics, anthelmintics, ionophores or coccidiostats into any of the pellets it produces.

We also do not use binders of any kind in our pellets. All of Manchester Feeds’ 1/4” pellets are 100% hay only with no additives. 1/4" 50/50 Alfalfa-Timothy Hay Pellets 

Our Alfalfa/Timothy pellets are made from a blend of quality Alfalfa hay locally grown in the Parker Valley and Timothy hay grown in Colorado.

  Crude Protein Not less than 12.0%
Guaranteed Crude Fat Not less than 1.5%
Analysis Crude Fiber Not more than 31.0%
  Ash Not more than 9.5%

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