Redmond Rein Water Thirst Quencher for Dehydrated Horses (5 LB)

Redmond Equine

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  • BETTER HYDRATION: All horses need a trigger to drink, especially while away from home. Rein Water will encourage your horse to drink and prevent devastating dehydration issues
  • ELECTROLYTE BALANCE: This is especially important for working horses that are sweating in their efforts
  • ESSENTIAL MINERALS: There are 60+ minerals in Rein Water, which help your horse stay balanced and helps reduce habits such as eating dirt and cribbing
  • ALL NATURAL: Rein Water comes from an ancient sea bed and volcanic ash deposit, untouched by pollutants
  • HORSES LOVE THE TASTE: If your horse turns up his nose at a new location's water, Rein Water helps minimize chlorination, alkalize water and improve the taste

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