Renew Gold Stabilized Rice Bran (30 lb)

Renew Gold

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Stabilized Rice Bran that is Calcium / Phosphorus balanced to be used as a direct replacement for grain in your horse’s diet. This provides needed calories, protein and natural vegetable fats without the high starch and sugar loads found in grains. Non-GMO, No Corn Wheat or Soy


Heat Stabilized Rice Bran, Calcium Carbonate

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein Min 14.5%
Lysine Min 0.84%
Crude Fat  Min 17%
Crude Fiber Max 8.5%
ADF Max 16%
NDF Max 23%
Ash Max 12%
Calcium  Max 1.8%
Calcium Min 1.5%
Phosphorus Min 1.5%
Copper Min 13.0 ppm
Selenium Min 0.28 ppm
Zinc  Min 62.0 ppm
Vitamin E Min 75 IU/LB


Feeding Instructions

Weanlings  ¼ pound per day
Yearlings  ½ pound per day
Two to three year olds     1 pound per day 
Horses in training      1.5 pounds per day


Mature horses  
Light work         1 pound per day
Moderate work   1.5 pounds per day
Heavy work           1.5 to 2 pounds per day

Always keep salt and fresh clean water available,

Do not feed to sheep or animals other than horses and mules.


Renew Gold SRB brings the horse owner the perfect nutritional base for a balanced safe equine diet that

promotes cool energy, digestive safety and a calm mind.

Made from the purest and most nutritious rice bran available, and stabilized to guarantee a safe shelf

life of one year. Renew Gold SRB can help you properly control the starch and sugar load in your horse

while maintaining optimum physical and mental condition.

Properly stabilized Rice bran lets you greatly reduce or eliminate grain based feeds and provides the

perfect compliment to the roughage, hay or pasture base of your horses diet.

Great for all classes and ages of horses, from Weanlings to Seniors.

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