Victor® Hold-Fast® Disposable Mouse Glue Traps


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The Victor® Hold-Fast® Disposable Mouse Glue Traps attract and hold mice and insects with their innovative and easy-to-use design. The traps come pre-baited with a peanut butter scent to attract pests onto the trap. Once they are stuck, the long-lasting glue holds them in place until you are ready to dispose of the trap. The most unique aspect of these glue traps is their ability to fold to fit in almost any space you would ever need to place them in.

Long-lasting glue tray effectively traps mice and insects
Innovative design allows you to fold trap to fit nearly any space
Peanut butter scented glue attracts pests to the trap
No setting or baiting required - simply place and catch
Large surface area increases chance of catching pests
Disposable traps ensure quick and easy clean up
1 Pack (Contains 4 Glue Traps)

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