Zep Professional Spray Bottle W/trigger Sprayer, 32 Oz, Clear Plastic


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The 32-ounce high-output Professional Sprayer delivers more than three cubic centimeters per pull. Its ergonomic trigger allows for three-finger pulls, reducing fatigue, while the adjustable nozzle offers a range of sprays, from a fine mist to a 30-foot stream. Graduated measurement marks on the Sprayer simplify the mixing process, while a designated area on the bottle allows users to label contents for future identification.

High-Output Sprayer Delivers More Than Three Cubic Centimeters Per Pull And Streams Of Up To 30 Feet
Ergonomic Trigger Allows For Three-Finger Spraying, Reducing Fatigue
Adjustable Nozzle Provides A Range Of Sprays, From A Fine Mist To A Direct Stream
Graduated Measurements Make Accurate Refilling Simple
Quick Identification With Designated Area For Product Labeling

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